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Puna Lava Update

We are still accepting evacuated animals from the Puna lava flow. We have accommodations for pets and farm animals. They are depending on you to take care of them, especially when there is a lava emergency. Please call us at 968-7161 to make arrangements for your animals.

Our Mission

To provide a safe environment for farm animals and plants, and to educate the public on sustaining perpetual growth.

Nature has an uncanny way of healing itself. By introducing beneficial plants and animals into an ecosystem, we can accelerate the healing capacity. Pioneer plants and animals can create a nahele kaukau (food forest) in less than five years. That food can then perpetuate the forest, while providing enough surplus to be harvested.

The FPG Sanctuary is creating such a place in Hawai‘i. We are implementing proven permaculture techniques to develop a virtually closed system of food production. Maintaining the sanctuary animals will therefore be much cheaper. The model we are creating on this property can be replicated throughout much of Hawai‘i. So your donations will go even further to benefit the community.

The FPG Sanctuary is located in the Puna District, on the Big Island of Hawai‘i. Founded in 2017, we are in the early stages of this charity where we are at our most vibrant and fragile. We are looking to establish our niche on this island so resources and services are put to their best use. We are also looking for financial contributions to maintain our programs.