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Our Values

Our Values

The Fellowship for Perpetual Growth (FPG) is a non-denominational spiritual organization that respects people of all cultures, creeds, and belief systems. FPG lives by a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature through the tenets of permaculture.

On Permaculture

Farm animals in living out their lives benefit the farm. These animals are domesticated. They must therefore rely on humans to assist in some aspects of their life, from birthing to protection. Through their natural routines, they provide pest control, weed abatement, compost production and waste management. These tasks accelerate the management of the farm, allowing it to be more productive for the human and non-human animals living on it.

On Preservation

Although our nation revels in animal rights, it is all too often limited to the pets that they keep. Yes, there is abuse, neglect and abandonment of dogs and cats, and there are many humane charities that provide support for these animals. There is a graver situation with farm animals when animal husbandry is shielded from public observation. FPG focuses its animal care program primarily to farm animals (i.e., meat-production animals) that have been abused and neglected. Through terra-forming, FPG creates an environment that we hope these animals can enjoy.