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Plant Sanctuary

Plant Sanctuary

The FPG Plant Sanctuary promotes preservation and responsible use of our fiber friends. estimates that worldwide we lose more than 200,000 acres of rain forest every day. Although we cannot reverse this number any time soon, we can do our part in preserving some of the species of plants that are endangered.

Our sanctuary, located in Zone 11B, receives an average rainfall of 103" (2.6m) per year. Despite the volume of rain, the soil drains well. We have established a nursery, primarily consisting of pioneer plants and fruit trees.

Using the tenets of permaculture, we have apportioned two acres of land to begin a food forest. While we expect the forest to take twenty years for all of the planned trees to mature fully, we anticipate some species, like moringa and banana, to produce within the first year.

FPG has accumulated ethnobotanical data on plants that can be grown on the Hawaiian islands. It will serve as a community resource, supporting those who wish to continue the healing traditions of their ancestors. We expect this data to be available on this website within the next year.