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Stormy Weather: FPG Newsletter August 2018

Stormy Weather: FPG Newsletter August 2018

The last two months have been very hectic, taking care of the animals, preparing land for planting, and preparing the land for hurricane Lane.

Jody tending to Eddie, the donkey

First Steps Are the Hardest

FPG Sanctuary has had our ups and downs this summer. We've needed to provide extra special care to the new lava flow rescues. We are preparing our first gardening model. Then hurricane Lane stopped by for a visit.
We have put together a video newsletter, which contains more information about our recent activities. You can watch the entire video, or use the links below to jump to a section. Here is a summary of the topics covered:
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Kenn playing with Winnie

Dog Spay/Neuter

Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary held a free spay/neuter clinic in Kea'au on August 18. We took the two lava flow puppies, Winnie and Lion, to the event. They spayed Winnie and neutered Lion. Thank you to Rainbow Friends for offering a free spay/neuter clinic.

Piglets eating

Pig Care

One of the pigs, Blue, was having trouble using its back legs. Dr. Harvath dewormed all four piglets against hookworm. We were seeing some improvement in Blue in the course of the following week, but then we found it one morning dead with bite marks on the side. It seems the other pigs may have killed the pig and were starting to eat it. Since the pigs were wild, we do not know their nutrition history. As a result, we switched their feed to grower's feed, mixed with soy milk replacer. The remaining pigs are doing much better now.

Roosters patrolling the chicken run

Chicken Run

With thanks to donors, we have purchased fencing for the chickens. We now have the hens in the chicken house, with the roosters patrolling the pasture. The sheep have mowed the pasture so the roosters can pick out the seeds the sheep have left behind.

Sara, the sheep

Sheep Care

Two of the sheep, Sara and Ruth, were suffering from what seemed like a selenium deficiency. Hawaii Island Humane Society, who helped rescue the sheep from the lava flow, could not locate the owners at the time of rescue. Like with the pigs, we do not know what they ate prior to the lava flow emergency, or while they were stuck on an island of earth, surrounded by lava. Despite intravenous saline solution, dewormer, hand feeding mineral salts and softened alfalfa pellets, these two sheep still passed away. The remaining two sheep, Caleb and Eve, are doing well, and are continuing to get alfalfa pellets with sheep-specific mineral supplements, which includes selenium, to augment the grazing.

Donkeys, Eddie and Flow

Donkey Timing

Flo is getting quite large. We expect her to give birth in the autumn. We are looking to build a nursery to provide a safe space where Flo can tend to the newborn foal.

Banana keike, dwarf red cuban

Plant Donations

Thank you to the donors who provided us with plants and cuttings. We have received a variety of banana plants, lilikoi (passion fruit), peanut grass, spearmint, tarragon, spinach, and chayote, among others. If you would like to bring us plants that can grow in zones 10-11, please contact FPG Sanctuary at 808-968-7161, or contact us.

Rob earning his Permaculture Design certificate


Kenn Andersen and Rob Cole both received their Permaculture Design Certificates. For about 18 months, they studied permaculture best practices with the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia, led by Geoff Lawton.

Tabling at Safeway


FPG Sanctuary ran a donation table at two stores in Hilo in August. Both Safeway and Del's Farm Supply permitted us to reach out to the community, gain name recognition, and let them know about the work we are doing.

Hilo palm standing up to Hurricane Lane

Hurricane Lane

In preparation for hurricane Lane, FPG Sanctuary secured the animal shelters and greenhouses. Nearly 47 inches (1.2 meters) of rain fell in just a three-day period. Our driveway got washed out, and even a week later, we are trying to repair it.

Thank you!

Thank You

We'd like to thank the people who have helped us this month, especially the veterinarians who helped the animals.

Spiral upwards,
Fellowship for Perpetual Growth