Goat: Daisy

Daisy and two gorgeous Anglo-Nubian goats arrived at our sanctuary as fosters for someone who was going to adopt them when she returned from the US mainland. Daisy had been repeatedly attacked by dogs, had a freshly torn lip, and scars over her body in various stages of healing. Unfortunately, Daisy has developed a fear response from the attacks and repeatedly rammed the new owner in the knee, so we took her back. She seems to be fine around most men and a few women. Nevertheless, we are cautious when introducing visitors to her and warn them of her tendency to ram.

Adoption Date:

May 23, 2019

Needs Are:
Goat Feed, 0.20 (Bag) - $25.00 (Monthly),
Dry Cob, 0.20 (Bag) - $16.00 (Monthly),