Donkey: Eddie

Eddie is a smart and precocious Waikaloa Nightingale, born in captivity to Flo. He has helped encourage both Flo and Louie to trust humans, often nudging them towards us, when we wish to pet them, or helping to corral them when it's time to halter them for hoof and skin care sessions. He is the only intact male quadruped at the sanctuary, and was adopted too late to be castrated. We keep him separated from the two jenny donkeys, sharing his pasture with Louie.

Adoption Date:

Sept. 14, 2017

Birth Date:

Nov. 7, 2014

Needs Are:
Timothy Hay, 1.00 (1/2 Bale) - $22.00 (Monthly),
Oats, 0.25 (Bag) - $20.00 (Monthly),