Sonja, One Day Old Flo Tending to Sonja Sonja with a Visitor Sonja with Teddy, the Farrier

Donkey: Sonja

Sonja was the first animal born at the sanctuary, so we named her after one of our founders, Sonja Hess. Her mother, Flo, was a wild Waikaloa Nightingale, while her father/brother, Eddie, was born in captivity. She is the 6th foal that Flo has had (that we know of). Sonja is a wonderful, friendly donkey, who can't get enough pets and love from humans.

Adoption Date:

Oct. 11, 2018

Birth Date:

Oct. 11, 2018

Needs Are:
Timothy Hay, 1.00 (1/2 Bale) - $22.00 (Monthly),
Oats, 0.25 (Bag) - $20.00 (Monthly),