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Support FPG

Our programs cost a fair amount of money to run. The animals require feeding every day, usually twice a day. Their shelters and fences need regular maintenance. We give them medical attention, from trimming hooves and nails, deworming them, and getting them professional medical care when needed. The plants require pots, soil and fertilizer, pest and weed control, pruning, sometimes hand-pollination, and harvesting.

We gladly accept monetary donations. You can support us in many ways as well. Here are just a few suggestions:

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Give the gift of time to help us maintain and grow our sanctuary. Minors need to be accompanied by an adult.

Animal Cuddlers

No experience is necessary to be an animal cuddler. With the help of staff, the animals will teach you how to take care of them, play with them and feed them.

Gardening Assistance

We would love your help in setting up gardening boxes, nurturing plants through all of their stages of growth, identifying and controlling pests, landscaping and keeping the pesky weeds away.

Construction Support

If you are handy with a toolbelt, we could use your assistance in building shelters and erecting fences for the animals, and garden boxes, edging and trellises for the gardens.

Contact us to see how you can volunteer at the sanctuary.

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Donate Your Car

Go to CARS to donate your car to our charity. They will coordinate the pickup of the vehicle, the auctioning of it, and disperse 80% of the proceeds to our organization.

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Leave a Legacy

With the help of an advisor, you can design your will or trust to specify a gift be made to family, friends or Fellowship for Perpetual Growth as part of your estate plan. Contact us to find out how you can leave a legacy for the sanctuary.

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Gift Cards

Gift cards are always welcome, especially for these companies that honor our charity with a tax-exempt purchase option:

If you have a Safeway/Vons club card, purchasing these gift cards in their supermarket is a fast way to earn points for larger gas discounts.


From animal products to plant care products and construction supplies, we have a Wishlist of items that we are currently looking to use.

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  1. Register FPG as your charity with Amazon.
  2. Use to make your Amazon purchases.

Amazon will donate 0.05% of your purchases to FPG.


Get legal coverage and identity theft protection for yourself or your business with LegalShield for a low monthly cost. LegalShield will reward FPG for each month you maintain your membership.

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Get the word out to your family and friends about what we are doing. Share our pages on social media. Share our social media posts, and incorporate our practices into your daily lives.