Volunteering Projects

We are always looking for help at FPG Plant & Animal Sanctuary. If you have an interest in farming, being with animals, mechanic, construction, administration, please send us a contact request.

Here are some projects we are looking to do in the near future:

Farm Vehicle Maintenance

Both large and small farm vehicles and tools need to be kept in top condition. Having predictably working equipment helps us do more at the sanctuary. Reliable, honest mechanics are hard to find, but can provide an invaluable service to FPG Sanctuary and the community we serve.

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Garden Boxes

We are looking to set up some garden boxes using different kinds of construction material. They will serve as a demonstration on how people can make their own garden area with very little cost.

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Duck House

The ducks need their own space to retire in the evening. They sleep together in a temporary hutch. They need a place that is closed off from the wind and the rain, and is secure and comfortable for them.

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Chicken House

The chicken house is in serious need for an upgrade. There are some leaks in the roof, and it is all too easy for mongoose to get inside. With the help of a few volunteers, we will be able to retrofit the chicken house to make it more comfortable for them.

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Good fences are vital for keeping the animals safe at the sanctuary. The good news is we are on 4-6 feet of soil, which makes putting in the posts so much easier!

The cows need their own pasture. We have established a 6-acre pasture for the cows. Once funding allows, we will begin setting up the new fence.

The two jack donkeys also need their fencing upgraded. While we upgrade their fencing, we will also extend their grazing area.

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The animals at the FPG Plant & Animal Sanctuary would always like a little more attention and interaction. Some animals like to be held, petted, brushed, fed, or have their hooves trimmed. No experience necessary. We'll teach you what foods they can and cannot eat, and how each one's personality lends itself to certain care and attention.

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