Laverne 2019-02-13


Caring for the animals and plants takes more than just feeding them and interacting with them, fun though it is. FPG Plant & Animal Sanctuary relies on the support of the community to keep this place running. Donating gently used supplies is a great way for you to help us, and clear up some space for you in the process! Here are some items we are looking to get.


  • Feed containers
  • Large dog toys (for the pigs)
  • Obstacle course equipment (for the goats)
  • Dog beds and bedding


  • Cinder
  • Pots, one gallon or larger
  • Potting soil (fire ant free)
  • Shovels and other gardening tools

Construction Material

  • Gravel, 3/4" - 3" crush
  • Lumber
  • Tin roofing
  • Wire Fencing