Cow: Olena

Olena and Maria were adopted from the closing of the Big Island Dairy. She was one of 401 cows and calves that the Hawai'i Lava Flow Animal Rescue Network helped to place in loving homes, farms and sanctuaries around the island. Several of these cows received foster care at our sanctuary while the calves got strong enough to be placed in homes that were new to caring for cows, or people were able to get their land prepped to safely contain the cows and calves.

Adoption Date:

Jan. 31, 2019

Birth Date:

Nov. 17, 2018

Needs Are:
Alfalfa Cubes, 1.00 (Bag) - $22.00 (Monthly),
Timothy Hay, 1.00 (1/2 Bale) - $22.00 (Monthly),
Dry Cob, 0.50 (Bag) - $16.00 (Monthly),